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  • Small scale timber harvesting and extraction 23rd March 2018

      A feature of the English landscape is the small woodlands, of various types, scattered widely over the countryside.  They are valuable assets for timber production, wildlife, game conservation, amenity use and in terms of landscape value.  But a significant proportion of this resource is not in planned management.  In 2011 the Forestry Commission estimated…

  • Roots to Prosperity

    Roots to Prosperity is a Strategy and Action Plan for the Growth and Development of the Forestry Sector in Northern England. A suite of 3 documents describes the state of the industry, it’s ability to grow and create jobs and how this could be achieved given the right conditions. The headline report is available in…

  • SIMWOOD project launches new website

    The European project SIMWOOD- Sustainable Innovative Mobilisation of Wood has officially launched its website. Visitors to www.simwood-project.eu will be able to read the latest information about the project’s activities, and its work to mobilise untapped reserves of timber in Europe. The project has also launched its social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. SIMWOOD is a four-year…

  • Cumbria Woodlands Farm Forestry Demo

    This is the second Farm Forestry Demonstration to be run by Rural Development Initiatives for Cumbria Woodlands.  Exhibitors will be showing a wide range of smaller-scale equipment and techniques to unlock the potential of farm or small woodlands.   It will help you to see how you can get the most out of your woodland; give advice about small woodland produce, including woodfuel and consider how updating traditional working methods with imaginative, low-tech adaptations can turn wood into a saleable product

  • Ignite: Firewood Production and Supply

  • Ignite: Managing Woods for Woodfuel

  • Ignite: Managing Woods for Woodfuel

    Developed by foresters with practical hands-on knowledge of woodland management and woodfuel production and supply, this course focuses on planting, managing and harvesting woodlands for use as woodfuel.  What timber is suited to what type of woodfuel (logs or chips), assessing woodlands, measuring timber, harvesting, extraction, conversion and the economic modelling of timber harvesting and woodfuel conversion are covered in this one day course.

  • Ignite: Woodfuel Quality Standards

  • Ignite: Firewood Production and Supply

  • Ignite: Woodfuel Production and Supply