Generating Income From Timber Sales

15 FREE PLACES WORTH £150 EACH for eligible Merseyside businesses and organisations

Make sure your timber harvesting contract runs smoothly from the start.

This one-day introductory training course will equip you with the knowledge to draw up, market and manage a timber harvesting contract. It will be delivered by leading experts. You will learn how to:

Translate you management objectives into a tree removal plan
Mark trees for thinning and felling
Estimate how much timber is being removed
Draw up, market and let a contract
Manage the contract and contractors

The course will be divided into several sessions, including a couple of outdoor practical sessions. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

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15 FREE PLACES WORTH £150 EACH – If your business or organisation is based in Merseyside, call to see if you are eligible for a free place.