Expert seminar “Planning and biomass”

The "Planning and biomass" expert seminar is addressed to the planning and sustainability officers, planning consultants and other professionals involved or interested in the planning issues related to biomass projects.

The seminar comprises of seven thematic sessions on subjects relevant to planning of a bioenergy project:

  • Session 1: Overview of biomass heat and power in the UK
  • Session 2: Drivers, policy and incentives for using biomass
  • Session 3: Planning applications for biomass projects
  • Session 4: Practical exercise – A case considered in detail
  • Session 5: Case study
  • Session 6: Policy making and implementation
  • Session 7: Biomass fuel sustainability and air quality issues

It will give you an expert overview of comprehensive issues involved in a biomass project and provide practical advice on how to address the issues with confidence.

Registration online (click here) or at
Cost: £30 + VAT

For more information see flyer or contact: Ben Tansey, John Farquhar and Kasia Zielewska at Northwoods (Tel. 01670 513292)