Upland Woodland Management and Black Grouse


Event Details

Event Details

Held in association with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and at the Raby Estate, near Barnard Castle, Co Durham this course will consider the character and attributes of upland woodland and how it may be managed and created.  There will be reference to the requirements of black grouse, which prefers a fine-scale mosaic of habitats, where relatively small areas of woodland, moorland and grassland/meadow meet.

The course will include a theoretical classroom session and a site visit to estate woodlands and moorlands which are actively managed for black grouse.

RDPE funding is available subject to certain eligibility criteria.  Where funded the course will cost £30.00 +VAT.  To book your place, please contact Ben Scotting or Erica Spencer on 01765 609355 or ben.scotting@ruraldevelopment.org.uk