Ignite: Woodfuel Quality Standards


Event Details

Ignite Woodfuel Quality Standards is a one day course that introduces woodfuel suppliers and users to the full range of standards in use in the supply chain and how to produce and specify the correct type of fuel.  It looks at how woodfuel properties can affect compliance with standards, how to specify and test fuel, and match fuel specifications to combustion systems.  The course provides an introduction to the new EN solid biofuels standards that are currently being adopted in the UK and reviews the various woodfuel quality assurance schemes and what relevance these may have to your business.  The course involves a practical sampling demonstration at a working woodfuel supply depot.  Course attendees will also receive a copy of our Woodfuel Quality Standards Handbook.

Course Cost:  £35+VAT (with funding*), £175+VAT (without funding)

The above includes Lantra Awards registration and certification, all course material, refreshments and lunch on each day and post course mentoring (via telephone or e-mail).

For further information or to book a place, please contact Janet Rowlands on 01597 810306 or janet@mwmac.co.uk.

*  Funding may be available through Forestry Commission Wales.  Please check with Janet for eligibility criteria.


Course Outline   

The course is designed to help participants:

  • Understand the range of CEN standards for wood fuels.
  • Appreciate the different properties of wood fuel that can be specified.
  • Know how to specify wood chip fuel.
  • Know how to find out if a particular type of wood is appropriate for a specific combustion system.
  • Recognise the importance of quality assurance and labelling.

This course concentrates on solid biofuels, specifically wood fuel, from forest, arb and primary wood processing sources.

It is a one day course divided into four sessions, including an outdoor based practical and demonstration.

9.30am Start

Session One:  General Introduction

This session introduces the CEN standards for wood fuel.  The CEN standards for wood fuel were commissioned by the EU from CEN (Comite Europeen de Nomalisation), the European committee for standardization, and they were written by Technical Committee (TC) 335 – Solid biofuels & TC/343 – Solid recovered fuels.  We introduce the traded forms of woody biofuels and the standards or technical specifications available to determine fuel properties.

Session Two:  Specifying Wood Chip Fuel

During this session we look at:

  • The specifications for wood chip fuel.
  • Wood fuel properties.
  • Matching fuel specifications to combustion systems.

Session Three:  Chipping and Sampling

Session Three consists of two exercises.  The first is intended to give an insight into the features on certain chippers that help control fuel quality and the differences between chippers.  The second is a practical looking at the methodology for sampling small stockpiles.

Session Four:  Fuel Quality Assurance

This session begins with feedback from the exercises earlier this afternoon and includes an introduction to fuel quality assurance.

4.30pm Finish

This content is subject to change with developments in the sector.

General Information

Throughout the course participants are encouraged to contribute their own experience either of woodfuel or of other aspects of renewable to the course.  There is a lively, good humoured atmosphere at courses, where participants can discuss issues of particular relevance or interest to themselves and the group within the framework of the course.

The course is accredited by Lantra Awards under their customised award provision.

Lunch and all refreshments will be provided and please bring a waterproof and boots as we will be leaving the confines of the classroom!

For content or technical enquiries please contact Will Richardson on 01765 609355.

Ignite is a series of training courses on the production and supply of woodfuel.  The series includes the award winning 3 day Ignite intensive course that provides a customised award in woodfuel production and supply from Lantra Awards.  Ignite courses have been developed and are run by Rural Development Initiatives Ltd.