Coppice Management and Produce


Event Details

On 27th January RDI is organising a Coppice Management and Produce Course to be run at the Idle Valley Rural Learning Centre and Treswell Woods, North Nottinghamshire.  This course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of coppice management.  It includes an introduction as to how and why coppice became an integral part of the British woodland composition, the biology of coppice and how coppice systems are managed. It will look at practical management techniques and the making of coppice produce.

Ben Scotting will present a workshop on coppice management whilst Geoff Norton of Yorkshire Hurdles will discuss the practical management of coppice coupes, the selection of rods and how to use these to make a range of coppice products.  RDPE funding may be available subject to certain eligibility criteria.  To book your place, please contact Ben Scotting or Erica Spencer on 01765 609355. or