PAWS Restoration

The cultural and ecological value of ancient woodland is of great importance but at significant risk as it is irreplaceable and becoming increasingly scarce. Ancient woodland sites have a rich ecological history developed over centuries of woodland cover and often house archaeological clues of their past occupiers and uses. They also retain rare examples of a range of undisturbed forest soils about which we currently know little.

ancient holly

Not all ancient woodland sites are immediately recognisable as such and many have been replanted with commercial conifer or broadleaved crops at some point during the 20th century. However, these plantations on ancient woodland sites (PAWS) can still hold many important remnant features from the pre-existing ancient woodlands and these, with appropriate management, can be be retained or even enhanced.

Yorwoods, with the support of the Woodland Trust, are carrying out work within the Yorkshire region to help land owners and managers to manage their PAWS, restoring and conserving the valuable features they possess. We are able to provide free advice about your woodland and provide management prescriptions. There is also support available for more detailed management planning and capital works from the Forestry Commission English Woodland Grant Scheme which Yorwoods can provide help to access.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a site visit or discuss the possibilities that this project can offer you.

Contact: Ben Scotting