Woodland Creation Planning Grant

September 16, 2016

On 5th September the Woodland Creation Planning Grant (WCPG), financed by the Forestry Innovation Fund (FIF), re-opened for applications.  Defra’s Forestry Innovation Fund is a £1 million nationwide fund to support schemes that will promote the growth of the forest industry.  The WCPG has been reopened to support the forestry sector’s ambition for more woodlands in England and Government’s commitment to plant 11 million trees this Parliament.

WCPG contributes towards the costs of gathering and analysing the information land managers need to ensure their proposals for productive multi-purpose woodland take account of any impacts on: biodiversity, landscape, water, the historic environment and local stakeholders.

Proposals need to meet some basic criteria, with land being at least 30 hectares in area and showing potential to benefit the forestry sector in the long-term through the provision of timber or other wood products.  Applications that span multiple land holdings are accepted but the grant is only available on land in England.

The funding and administration of this grant is separate to Countryside Stewardship.

Further information, including details on eligibility and how to apply, can be found on the Forestry Commission England’s website or by emailing WCPG@forestry.gsi.gov.uk


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