Woodland Archaeology Course

September 23, 2013

A one-day archaeology course, to take place on 26th February 2014 and led by John Morris, will include an illustrated talk, maps and books and other documentation, with a guided woodland visit to see and identify archaeological features, and in the afternoon a practical mapping / recording exercise in the wood. Woods can be very good at protecting historic features as earthworks (lumps and bumps) that have been ploughed out in farmed land. Woods also have their own archaeology of features such as charcoal hearths and boundary banks that are directly related to the earlier management of the woodland.

Aqueduct at Swartha Wood


The outdoor part of the course will take place at Swartha Wood which is currently part of a project run by the Bradford Environmental Action Trust to explore the historical, industrial and cultural aspects of the woodland.  Pennine Prospects, who work to promote the South Pennines landscape, will also give an overview of their work.  Please go to our events section for information on how to book.


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