AFO – Activating private forest owners to increase forest fuel supply

June 1, 2010

Forestry Commission in Yorkshire and the Humber bid to the EU Intelligent Energy Europe fund has been successful and a UK delegation attend a second successful meeting in Austria. The UK is one of the project partners in the Activating Forest owners bid. AFO’s main objective is to increase wood fuel supply from privately owned European forests. In terms of bioenergy promotion, private forest owners (PFO’s) form a conclusive forest owner group, as they possess most of the European wood energy potential. AFO carries out various activation procedures to initiate wood fuel supply clusters among PFO’s. These clusters are brought together with the local potential energy wood users, focusing on local small- and medium scale heat plants.

The project operates during 2009-12 in six countries and five specific target areas. Finland and Austria are countries of high wood fuel utilization level and strong experience of bioenergy harvesting and procurement systems. They will transfer best practices to less experienced partner countries with vast private forests ownership (France, Slovenia, Latvia and UK).

Contact: Rudie Humphrey, Forestry Commission, 01904 448778, or

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