This demonstration seeks to provide information for the timber management of small woods, emphasising ways and means of implementing small-scale harvesting techniques and equipment.  Exhibitors will be showing a wide range of smaller-scale equipment and techniques to unlock the potential of farm or small woodlands.

Being run by the Deer Initiative this event is an  opportunity to develop techniques and maintain standards to ensure quality venison is produced from all culled wild deer. .  There are practical demonstrations and discussion to develop: Gralloching techniques in the field (large and small carcasses) Extraction techniques and equipment Larder management  – chillers and […]

On 5th September the Woodland Creation Planning Grant (WCPG), financed by the Forestry Innovation Fund (FIF), re-opened for applications.  Defra’s Forestry Innovation Fund is a £1 million nationwide fund to support schemes that will promote the growth of the forest industry.  The WCPG has been reopened to support the forestry sector’s ambition for more woodlands […]

The fifth edition of the SIMWOOD project newsletter is now available. This issue focuses on the project work in the two regions of France – Auergne and Grant Est. It also has a roundup of news and events form the other regions. SIMWOOD Newsletter Issue 5

The Grown in Britain (GiB) brand identifies wood that has been grown in Britain and which is assured as being from sustainable and legal sources. It provides assurance that it’s from forests that are managed in accordance with the UK Government’s Forestry Standard and public procurement standard.

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society,  Royal Forestry Society and the Forestry Commission are working in partnership to present the prestigious John Boddy Award. The award is intended for forestry, woodland or agricultural enterprises to celebrate innovation in approaches to getting woods and forests into active productive sustainable management in Yorkshire and the North East. A £100 […]