Northwoods is often successful in securing funding to off set the cost for training woodland owners, managers, agents, gamekeepers, forest workers and others who derive an income from the forestry or timber sector.  Courses that we have organised or can organise, dependent upon the funding, include:

  • Arboriculture and Bats
  • Basic Tree Survey
  • Basic Wildfire Training
  • Best Practice Burning Workshop
  • Chainsaw Courses
  • Coppice Management and Produce
  • Forestry First Aid
  • Introduction to Small Woodland Management
  • Pruning and Thinning
  • Upland Woodland Management and Black Grouse

We also run a range of ignite courses, all related to woodfuel management, processing and delivery.  They are

  • Ignite Woodfuel Production and Supply – 3 day course
  • Ignite Managing Woods for Woodfuel
  • Ignite Firewood Production and Supply
  • Ignite Woodfuel Quality Standards

If you would like more information on any of the courses we can provide, please contact Andrew for more details or to discuss bespoke training requirements.

Information on all courses will be placed on the Events pages and sent out regularly by e-mail.
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