Biomass publications

The following are Northwoods (or partnership) publications on various aspects of biomass. Publications from other organisations can be found below this table.

Date Document Size (kB)
2009 September Biomass market report for the North East 482
2009 May NE Biomass Forum response to HESS consultation 134
2008 November NEWHeat study tour to Austria – report 1694
2008 August Economic value of biomass to the region 995
2008 August The waste woodstream as a biomass resource (MSc Thesis) 220
2008 July Video explaining the basics of biomass (2-minutes) n/a
2008 March Planning guide for biomass 1670
2007 September North east woodfuel resource 626
2007 May NEWHeat brochure 814
2007 April Engaging the forestry sector with biomass 309
2005 July South east Northumberland woodfuel resource 1784
2004 October Biomass sector skills analysis
2004 August Newcastle City timber resource report 924
2003 September Woodfuel producer groups (MSc Thesis) 146


The publications below are from other organisations.

Date Document Source Size (kB)
2010 June “Learning from the leaders” NREG 4000
2010 March “Renewable and low-carbon capacity assessment methodology for English Regions” DECC 549
2009 August UK wood waste report WRAP 574
2008 November Straw availability in Britain NNFCC 565
2008 June Remediation of brownfield land with energy crops BioreGen 227
2008 June Academic study on use of firewood in stoves QU 226
2008 May Manual on producing firewood Biohousing 1680
2008 May Tips on storing firewood Biohousing 303
2008 April Waste wood as a biomass fuel DEFRA 304
2007 March WRAP waste wood study of the North East WRAP 1001
2003 April Biomass action plan for the north east TNEI 953
2003 January NE regional biomass mapping ONE 1056