Pilot Project- Grown in Britain Group Scheme

The current market for timber at a national level is characterised by string demand for quality parcels and a limited supply.

Information gathered during the completion of the regional profile, backed up by comments from various stakeholders, showed that many of the end users of forest products have significant concerns over supplies of home grown raw materials in the medium and long term, especially with the rapid uptake of woodfuel and firewood which had become and important and sizeable market for timber in the region.

With the growing demand for locally grown timber from both traditional forestry industries and the increased competition from the wood-energy sector, has meant woodland managers and owners are now considering ways to maximise the potential of their resource.  However the critical challenges that need to be overcome are:

  • Better understanding the levels to which privately owned woodlands are being managed.
  • The limited knowledge and understanding amongst private woodland owners about the benefits of having a woodland management plan.

Therefore the pilot project for the Yorkshire and North East England model region will look mobilising wood through the adoption of a marketing brand, through the development of a Grown in Britain Group Licensing Scheme.  The scheme will work with private woodland owners and managers as well as producer-traders of woodfuel product and small scale softwood and hardwood saw millers.  With the main objecting being to support the mobilisation of timber from small and undermanaged woodlands by creating a market pull through the adoption of the Grown in Britain brand on their products.

For more information about the Grown in Britain Group Licencing Scheme, or to become a member, contact Andrew on 01765 690355.