Focus Study- Forestry Skills Audit

One of the main areas where wood mobilisation has been identified as having a positive impact has been around bringing under managed or unmanaged woodlands back into management; however there are concerns regarding a shortage of suitable contractors which are able to take on certain tasks.

As part of the SIMWOOD project Northwoods undertook a survey of woodland owners, managers and small to medium scale forestry contractors to look at the skill and knowledge levels of the sector across Yorkshire and the North East of England.

The survey attracted 104 responses, of which 54.8% were woodland owners and 45.2% were contractors or forest managers.

The survey showed that the main focus of training undertaken by forestry contractors and forest managers related to Health and Safety, whilst the majority of woodland owners had not undertook any sort of training in relation to forestry over the last 5 years.

A copy of the full report can be found here.