Woodfuel Facilitation Project

Woodfuel offers a real alternative to fossil fuel heating and can cut fuel bills, is a secure energy source which supports the local economy and can help organisations meet their carbon obligations. 

Government policy continues to support the use of woodfuel, and the Renewable Heat Incentive now provides long term financial support for woodfuel heating with payments being made for the production of heat, offering real opportunities for both the woodfuel supply chain and heat users.

The Woodfuel Facilitation Programme is funded by Defra and provides an independent and impartial advice and support service to all aspects of the woodfuel supply chain for the North East of England. 

The programme looks to primarily focus on strengthening and developing the existing supply chain by working with businesses to put procedures in place to enable them to produce sustainable, quality assured fuels, and for them to become a Woodsure Plus Quality Assurance supplier.

As well as working with businesses to become Woodsure Plus Quality Assured suppliers,  the project will also look to support businesses to identify opportunities which could add further value to the present woodfuel supply chain.  These opportunities will be centred on:

  • continuing to develop our Woodfuel Suppliers Map providing a one stop shop for customers looking to purchase woodfuel
  • woodfuel utilisation and resource management for those businesses looking to develop their own in-house woodfuel supply chain
  • support to develop funding applications and tender documents linked to woodfuel supply
  • ensuring woodfuel producers and suppliers are kept up to date with the latest information.

The programme will also support businesses looking for financial support through the Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme. 

If you would like to discuss what woodfuel and business development support is available, please contact the Project Manager Andrew Kitching or call 01670 513292.





Rural Development Initiatives Ltd receives funding through the Rural Development

Programme for England for the Woodfuel Facilitation Project.