Biomass Energy register for sustainable site development for European regions

BEn was a 3 year European Project delivered by 7 project partners in 4 model regions. Northwoods led on the project in the North East of England. The other model regions were as follows:

  • Emscher-Lippe Region (Germany)
  • Umbria Region (Italy)
  • The Gostynin Lake District Commune Association (Poland).

The core of the project was to develop a regional energy register which detailed the regional bio-energy sinks and biomass energy sources. The data was presented on a web-based geographical information system (GIS). Which improved rational management of biomass flows and acted as a spur for the financing of biomass energy investments. 

Within the framework of the project the local and regional biomass stakeholders of the North East Region were identified and connected in a broad biomass network to share information and biomass knowledge to strengthen the bio-energy sector and to optimise their own activities.

Local communities and regional bodies worked together on the development of a ‘joint strategic master plan’ for supporting a sustainable biomass supply chain in North East and to promote bio-energy production and use.

BEN objectives and targets:

Networking – to strengthen the biomass sector in North East

•Development of a web regional GIS bio-energy register

•Identification of new market opportunities for actors within biomass and bio-energy sectors

•Development of a regional biomass master plan including regional SWOT analysis for the North East

•Publication of technical, financial and management bio-energy guides

Promotion of biomass, bio-energy and free web based GIS biomass register for North East


Contact: Andrew Kitching

E:    T: 01670 513292


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