Our Forests, Our People

January 29, 2016

On 29th January 2016 Confor released a new short film providing an overview of the forestry and timber sector. This is part of a range of materials they have produced to explain the sector and its work to a wider audience.

Our Forests, Our People offers an insight to the sector through the voices of the people who work for forestry and timber businesses. As well as providing an overview, the film, and the other materials Confor is producing are  intended to tackle common misconceptions and promote a better understanding of what the sector is and what it provides for society.

Please share the film as widely as you can to tell our positive story.

The film will anchor the new Confor website, which launches in the spring and hopes to build on the 10,000 unique visits every month that we receive to our current website.

The new website will also feature a short animation (of around two minutes) which will explain very simply that wood is all around us and link that back to the forest. It will explain how the everyday products we take for granted are made, and the wide benefits that forests and wood deliver.

A series of short videos – looking at forestry & the economy, forestry & the environment, forestry & people and forestry & climate change – are also being produced to complement the main video.

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