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NULogs aims to give you the best choice of log suppliers if you’re a customer, and to provide training or business support if you’re a firewood business (or want to get into the sector!). This support is only available for businesses within the NULeader area (see HERE for a map) or who benefit the NUleader area by either supplying into or buy timber from within the area. We can support you with technical advice and training, or advice on what kind of firewood you should be looking for.

Northumberland Uplands Logs (NULogs) is a Northumberland Uplands Leader-funded project. Northumberland Uplands Leader is administered by Northumberland National Park as lead partner.

In order to provide suppliers with the opportunity to gain insights and knowledge from one of the leading firewood industries in Europe, we are organising a subsidised Study Tour to Sweden for the 2nd -5th March 2010.
(Please note: These dates have changed from the original February ones)
The tour will give a chance for suppliers working in the uplands to bring back innovative techniques and ideas to apply to their own businesses, and also if appropriate make contact with suppliers of novel machinery. For more information go to

NUlogs Supplier Map

For those of you wanting to source local firewood we have a searchable map of log suppliers in the area at At the moment the map is only intended for information. However one of the aims of the project is to encourage and support firewood businesses to take on board quality assurance measures, for example signing up to an accredited quality assurance scheme, firewood production training and monitoring. As a customer this should give you the confidence that you receive the product that you want at a fair price. As suppliers sign up to some kind of quality assurance, then this will be reflected on the map.

For suppliers already working in the uplands area then go to and click the link below the map to request inclusion or to modify your entry if your business is already listed.

If you are a firewood supplier already or are thinking about getting into firewood supply, then we can offer technical advice, business support, funding advice, training, help sourcing timber and any other help your business should need.

If you’re a woodland owner in the uplands area, and are looking to sell some of your firewood quality timber, standing, at roadside or delivered then please contact us as we can advertise your timber to firewood suppliers in the area who are looking for timber.

To find out more, or to register your interest in support:
Please contact John Farquhar on or on 01670 513292.

NUlogs is funded by:
NUlogs Funders


ForStart: NE

Are you taking on new entrants?
Northwoods can offer a range of support for forestry businesses in the North East taking on new entrants including subsidised training, wage subsidies and comprehensive support and mentoring.

Forestry contractors are vital for the delivery of national forest strategies and are therefore fundamental to the sector’s health. However, the industry faces significant recruitment and retention problems which are widely recognised as barriers to growth.

Building on the success of ForStart, Rural Development Initiatives’ new entrant programme, ForStart: NE has therefore been developed to provide an attractive route into the industry across the North East by providing financial support for existing businesses to offer new entrant placements.

Places are limited so please register your interest by Friday 12th February.
If you would like to know more, please download the information leaflet HERE