Northumberland Firewood Fair – all set to go….

October 14, 2011

We’ve got 174 lots of wood to sell – ranging from net bags and kindling, through to many  dumpy bags and even some felled timber in the forest.  There will also be wood burning stoves for sale on the day, ranges of firewood producing equipment and local food for sale.  22 different suppliers have registered their lots and will be bringing a wide range of locally grown wood.

We’ve had fantatic support from woodland owners, firewood producers, retailers and equipment suppliers. On the day you’ll be able to bid for a wide range of products – from felled timber (still sat in the woods) to over 50 tonnes (our best guess!!!) of wood there on Sunday….

On the day, if you’re a buyer – make sure you register with George F White at their on-site office, get your buyers number and you’re ready to go.  Tom – the autioneer – will take you through how to bid, but don’t be scared – there’ll be lots of first time buyers!

For more details…

Looking forward to seeing you on the day!

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