Basic Wildfire Fighting

December 7, 2011

Course components include:

Defra yesterday announced the launch of the new Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme (FFIS) – a £20 million pound project to support the farming and forestry sectors until 2013.

We had people travel to the event from as far away as Wiltshire and Liverpool to attend the North of England’s first event dedicated to firewood.  The auction itelf generated a lot of interest – plenty of buyers, and over 200 lots arrived on the day to give visitors a fantastic array of firewood to buy – from bags of kindling and logs through to dumpy bags of hard wood and softwood and kiln dried timber.  A few lots were sold which were still in the woods, with some real bargains for those with the space to store logs and those willing to sharpen their axes to do some processing.

We’ve got 174 lots of wood to sell – ranging from net bags and kindling, through to many  dumpy bags and even some felled timber in the forest.  There will also be wood burning stoves for sale on the day, ranges of firewood producing equipment and local food for sale.  22 different suppliers have registered their lots and will be bringing a wide range of locally grown wood.

We’re about to put together the brochure for buyers to ensure they know what’s going to be there on the day – make sure you’re listed and we’ve got your products on the list. So far we’ve got plenty of split hard and soft wood, we’ve got round wood (whole logs) registered, we’ve got briquettes (compacted sawdust – very dense and high energy content) we’ve got kindling…. we’ve enen got a wood burning stove going under the hammer – so make sure you’ve got your products registered.

Northwoods are working with the Forestry Commission to run the North East’s first ever Woodfuel Week! Taking place October 16 – 21st, the week will feature a series of events across the region to raise awareness of the woodfuel sector:


Northumberland Firewood Fair 2011

Meldon Park Estate, near Morpeth – Sunday October 16th