NEW Woodfuel Magazine Issue 1

September 4, 2013

Issue #1 of Woodfuel Magazine will be distributed during the first week of September, and you can sign up here to receive it FREE.

The magazine aims to support and promote the woodfuel industry, whether you are a small scale log supplier, or a national supplier, installer, or consultant. Whether you are a forester, an M&E engineer, or – critically – a potential or existing end-user I hope you’ll find something of interest within its pages.

Issue #1 features ‘quality’ issues surrounding woodfuel, so there’s a look at a new quality standard designed to improve customer confidence that is running in Oxfordshire, an article about European Standards and one comparing the ‘new’ standards against ÖNORM. There’s a company in Finland with a mobile app helping supply and logistics, and the feature article is about an estate owner who’s still battling with his biomass system several years after it was installed – what can the industry learn from this?

Other articles include:

  • Industry news
  • Domestic RHI and Commercial RHI articles.
  • Woodfuel quality with articles from Woodsure, Woodfuel Testing Limited and Forever Fuels.
  • The use of enterprise resource planning in biomass.
  • An abridged chapter from Stewart Boyle’s new book, a competition to win a free copy, and a reader’s offer.

For further information on how to subscribe to the magazine please go to:

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