North East Woodfuel Suppliers Portal

Search for woodfuel suppliers in Northumberland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, County Durham and Tees Valley.

If you are looking for a woodfuel supplier in the North East area, the map above is here to help. Click on any of the markers, or the business name on the list on the right-hand side for more details of that supplier.

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Woodsure Bullet This logo signifys that the Woodfuel supplier has successfully applied for and gained the Woodsure Plus Quality Assurance Certification.  Further information on the Woodsure Plus Scheme can be found at


If you are a woodfuel supplier in the North East, or close by and supplying into the area, and would like to be included on this map then please click here to request inclusion.  Appearance of a supplier on the map does not demonstrate endorsement by Northwoods.  We plan to encourage suppliers to undertake some form of quality assurance and, if they do this, they will be shown on the map in the future.  The map is funded by NULeader and North Pennine Dales Leader and the Woodfuel Facilitation Project


Inclusion on this map is not an endorsement of any woodfuel supplier’s services or products and does not guarantee the quality of supply.