Managing Woodlands for Woodfuel

The aim of this Ignite module is to provide woodland owners, managers and those who work in small woodlands with the knowledge and skills to asses and sustainably extract timber to meet the demands for firewood for the long term future.

What are small woods?


What to do with your wood?

·          Timber woodfuel qualities

·          Timber uses and alternative markets

·          Improving the potential and productivity of the woods


Woodland assessment; what have you actually got?

·          Measuring woodlands and timber.

·          Objective setting

·          Measuring your timber

·          Presenting your results


Woodland management; how to make the best of what you have

·          Silviculture

·          Management options

·          Thinning

·          Crop protection issues



·          Methods of extraction

·          Costing extraction

·          Improving efficiency



·          Seasoning

·          Processing options

·          Selling timber


This content is subject to change with developments in the sector