Launch of Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)

April 30, 2014

At an Industry Engagement Meeting, DECC revealed that they will open up the Biomass Suppliers List for applications today Wednesday 30th April. At the same time, they will publish all guidance documents accompanying the BSL applications process. They characterise it as a public beta-launch, meaning that it is not 100% perfect. DECC is therefore looking for any feedback or issues that applicant may have in the application process. Potential applicant are therefore very much encouraged to apply as soon as possible, so that potential problems are dealt with quickly.


One very important point is that fuel will be ‘licensed’ under the BSL, not suppliers. That means that suppliers have to apply to get each type of fuel they sell on the BSL separately. A woodfuel supplier is not on the BSL, but he/she sells fuel that is on the list. It will therefore also be possible to both sell both non-BSL and BSL-fuel at the same time.


At the moment, DECC anticipate to implement the GHG-criteria in late autumn and no earlier that mid-November. However, this is not in any way an official date and is only an assessment of the timescale. It may change later. The draft regulations will be shared with the industry over the summer.


Lastly, DECC is now considering some transitional flexibility: “Fuel purchased prior to the regulations coming into force may also be accepted as sustainable if the fuel 1) is registered on the BSL at the time the regulations come into force, AND 2) was purchased no more than 12 months prior to authorisation on the BSL”. Consumers will thereby not lose their RHI-payments, if they after the implementation of the GHG-criteria use fuel bought (for example today) from a supplier, whose fuel later will be ‘licensed’ on the BSL.



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