Ignite: 1 day Firewood Production, Markets and Supply

The aim of this Ignite module is to provide producers of firewood with the knowledge and skills to produce sustainable and viable firewood for the long term future.

Course content

Firewood as a renewable fuel

  • The carbon balance of firewood
  • Drivers for an increase in demand for renewable fuels

Sources of timber for firewood

  • Woodlands
  • Tree surgery
  • Reclaimed wood

Turning timber into firewood

  • Seasoning
  • Equipment
  • Matching different raw material to equipment

Handling and delivering firewood

  • Depot layout and design
  • Handling equipment
  • Delivery Methods
  • Reducing handling

Introduction to markets for firewood

  • Domestic / commercial
  • Rural / Urban

Economics of firewood supply

  • Scale
  • Costs / income
  • Market prices
  • Streamlining techniques to lower overheads

This content is subject to change with developments in the sector