About Northwoods

About us

Northwoods exists to support the tree and timber businesses of North East England.  We provide training, advice, information and support to all those working in the woods or with the products that come from them.

We cover the whole of the North East Region – from Berwick upon Tweed in the north to Darlington and Middlesbrough in the south.

What we do

Northwoods is here to help your business expand into new markets, keep up to date with training and skills and new legislation, access grants or just act as a sounding board for new ideas. So why not contact us to find out how we can help your business?

Wherever you work along the wood supply chain – a tree nursery, harvesting contractor, arborist, cabinetmaker or wood fuel supplier, Northwoods can help you and your business become more profitable, safer and better trained.


Northwoods is managed by Rural Development Initiatives Ltd, a not-for-profit company. RDI staff have a proven track record in delivering projects in support of the forestry, farming and land-based industries of the UK, including business support programmes, research activities and training courses.

RDI Head Office:

The Soap Factory
111 Gallowgate
AB25 1BU
t: 0845 519 5665
f: 0870 460 2041
Find out more at: www.ruraldevelopment.org.uk