Consultancy & Project Management

RDI and our Associates have a track record in providing project management and consultancy in the forestry and biomass sectors going back many years, during which time it has delivered an unparalleled number of business support and research & development projects through a highly experienced and skilled team.


Project Management Services

RDI has experience of delivering high-value contracts for, and in partnership with, local and regional government, grant-giving bodies, publicly owned companies and central government agencies, as well as European and UN institutions.

Many of these contracts involve delivering delegated grant schemes, which have a further dimension of financial management and probity in the use of public funds.


Services for Landowners, Growers and Producers

We offer a wide range of services to landowners, woodland owners, forest supply chain operatives and biomass producers.  If what you are looking for is not listed below then please contact the office to discuss your requirements further.

  1. Forest management planning and silviculture.  We can produce UKWAS compliant management plans that can be used by woodland owners as medium to long term planning tools including a GIS mapping service.
  2. Production forecasting of woods and forests through detailed mensuration and inventory techniques.
  3. In depth knowledge and experience of Forestry Commission Woodland Grant Scheme and Felling Licence applications.
  4. Support for applying to Rural Development Programme funding such as Forestry and Farming Improvement Scheme and Leader funds.



The company has been working in the field of wildfire since its inception and is recognised as the UK’s leading provider of wildfire project management solutions, aimed at supporting both public and private sectors in partnership working aimed at reducing the impact of wildfire.  We offer the following wildfire related services:

  • Wildfire conferences.
  • Facilitation of wildfire.
  • Delivery of wildfire training programmes specific to the land management sector.
  • Production of fire plans and provision of GIS mapping services.


Services for Biomass Suppliers and End Users

We pride ourselves in our long standing reputation and experience in the development of the biomass supply chain in the UK and we offer the following consultancy and technical support services:

  1.   Biomass Procurement Services
  2.   Biomass Resource Assessments
  3.   Fuel Supply Business Feasibility and Operational Support
  4.   Technical Biomass Site and Equipment Procurement Services
  5.   Biomass installation feasibility.

Why we’re different

  • independent and impartial of fuel suppliers and boiler installers
  • experience from the UK and abroad
  • background in the forest industry
  • wide range of associates with knowledge relevant to the task
  • practical first-hand experience of the sectors we work in